Brasilkite | Transfer
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The route that leads to heaven from Fortaleza,can be done as follows : With a quick transfer, one of our staff will pick you up at the airport or hotel and the tar road will lead you directly to us.
With a panoramic transfer, one of our staff will pick you at the airport or at the hotel & we will drive on the beach road in the 4 × 4 and will stop for swims and snacks,.
In any village or town within 500 Km from Itarema we can arrange a private transfer, the request must be made well in advance so we can organize.

Different Options

With rental cars, along the ce 85 with a distance of approximately 200 km.
By bus with a duration of about 5 hours from the central bus station of Fortaleza town to Itarema, once arrived, you contact us and we’ll pick you up.