Brasilkite | Spot
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Kite Conditions

Right in front of Praia da Barra , 400 mts from the shore , there is a sand spit that runs parallel to the coastline for about 7 km , it has created a very large lagoon with depths of water that go from 50 cm to 2 meters , its absloutely flat most of the times with a slight chop whenthe wind is really really strong , the wateris always clean because the ocean currents run thru it. 2 kilometers north from our location you will find the open ocean , during low tide sand banks come out creating some of the flattest smoothest water sections , you can reach the spot by going downwind straight from the Pousada or driving for about 5 minutes.

Wind Conditions

From July to October the wind (always side-on) is strong, between 20 and 30 knots every day:
Lighter conditions in the mornings , strenghtening in the early afternoon.
From November to January , the wind drops to 20 to 25 knots .
The Largest Lagoon in the North East of Brasil , it offers incredibly perfect conditions for all levels , and it is so much fun for tricks .
The pousada is located right on the beach , giving you direct access to the kite beach straight from you room , life is made easy here , you can come and go in the water as you please and as many times you want.