Brasilkite | Meals
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The dining area is located on a dune of sand sheltered by a veranda, with lovely views of the lagoon and the sea. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, especially for a sportsman, for this reason we go all out with an incredible spread of : sweet and salty treats , the best , freshest & juiciest local fruits and veg , freshly made juices , homebaked cakes, savoury tarts , home made jams and oh so many more yummy treats .

Breakfast is ALWAYS buffet style and is served from 7 am to 10 am


Lunch is served every day from 12,30 to 14,30 and the chef proposes : special of the day , that varies according to Bruxa’s mood ( our resident witch is our incredible chef ), other dishes include pasta , fish , meat and obviously light meals such as sandwiches , healthy snacks , big salads, fruit platters and freshly juiced fruits and veggies , fruit and veg smoothies

Evening & Dinner

Sundowners with Caipirinhas and other cocktails are served between 6 and 7 pm
We are Italian and we love good healthy food . Above all we like to try new things , enabling our guests to never taste the same dish , our guests become part of our family , and we want them to go home and miss us .
Every evening dinner is served from 19.00 to 20.30 with the delicious Italian and International cuisine from Casa da Bruxa.

Healthy Program

On request we can offer a specific nutritional program to slim and cleanse the body, accompanied by a training work program ; we will strive to make sure that at the end you get good results but dont think we wont be checking in on your results / goal … we can be strict if need be.