Brasilkite | Location
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Where is Casa da Bruxa

Praia da Barra is located 200 km (by tar road ) north of Fortaleza and 90 km south of Jericoacoara.
Casa da Bruxa is located in a large coconut plantation directly on the beach and consists of: 1 house of 150 square meters, that offers two large double rooms with ensuite and a smaller double room with ensuite . Two cabanhas 110 square meters each , they each have two large double bedrooms with ensuite and a communal lounge ,; A communal area with the restaurnat and bar facilites there is also the caretakers cottage, all harmoniously built under the palm trees, in a plot of 8000 square meters directly on the beach.

Weather Conditions

Being so close to the equator, the climate is fairly consistent the air and water temperatures are between 28 and 32 degrees. Throughout the year, the sun rises around 6.00 am and sets at 18:30 and the 12 hours of sunshine will allow you to take full advantage of your Brazilian experience, even the late risers, as 6 am at the pousada is 10 am in Europe.

Much of the north-eastern coast in the dry season (June-February) is caressed from the trade winds that makes Praia da Barra one of the best spots in the world for kite surfing. Also, thanks to the steady wind, the temperatures are not so overwhelming, you are able to suntan without suffering too much heat
We always suggest wearing a light longsleeve jersey in the evenings , the cool air allows for real good night sleep .
Another BIG PLUS of this season is that there are NO mosquitoes


Of course Kitesurfing is the main addiction here , but if you feel like doing something else .. you can go explore on foot , on horseback or by boat .
If you head North for about one and a half our by car , you will reach the well known village of Jericoacoara and its Nature Reserve .
If you head South instead you can visit Almofala, Pathos, MundaĆ¹, Lagoinha and other very interesting places

Off-site Services

A short walk from Casa da Bruxa, there are other posadas and restaurants where you can sample the local cuisine, while 5 kilometers away is the town of Itarema, with various shops, local market, pharmacies, hospital, police station, pizzerias and restaurants.
For the joy of the Ladies , in Brazil manicures and pedicures are a must , so you will be able to get pampered in Itarema to your heart content.