Brasilkite | Kite School
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The Kite School

We started a kite school in 2000 , in the process we have honed and learnt new and old tecniques , in order to provide the learners the best possible skills to progress in this sport .
The location of the lagoon and the wind direction are so perfect and safe for all levels , starting from beginners to experts .
During the beginners and advanced course you will ALWAYS be at close distance to the instructor , safety is the most important skill for us, the beaches are very long and never crowded , so it is very easy to stop if you run out of water , and also very easy to retrieve your board should you lose it.

Advanced Courses

We also specialise in advanced free-style and surf-strapless courses , and the lagoon is perfect for this , it is super safe as the instructor is always very close and you can try again and again new manouvers , without running the risk of finding yourself in the middle of nowhere ,should you have problems with your board or Kite .
By doing a full immersion 1 week course in the lagoon you will learn and refine your skills so quickly , you can compare it to 15 non consecutive sessions ,the relialbility of the constant wind conditions , the flat water will alow you to improve tremendously .
The fact that you can jump out of bed and kite straight off your bedroom anytime you wish , is such a pleasure , you will be in and out all day.


We Are the Offcial Roberto Ricci Designs School , we only use RRD equipment , the latest generation and ALWAYS in more than perfect conditions .